Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is Too Cool For The Hot Seat!

Tommy Bowden has been on the hot seat for so long his underwear should be on fire! But it’s no problem for Bowden, “If these Clemson fans want to get rid of the greatest coach in college football history, they can go ahead. I’ll be fine”, says Bowden. Tommy Bowden has single handedly turned Clemson into one of the best college football programs in the country. He gets quality, talented kids to come to Pickens, South Carolina. People from Pickens even wish they were somewhere else! What could possibly be going on in the delusional Clemson fans head that would make them think it’s a good idea to fire the greatest coach in sports history? (Notice I said sports. This includes hockey, soccer, women’s softball, ping pong…. You name it!) If you could do a better job than Tommy Bowden then you would be the head coach. Are you the head coach? No! So, it’s time to shut up.

Here is a list of other things people who want Bowden fired hate:
1. Christmas
2. Vacations
3. Victoria Secret catalogs
4. America
5. Themselves

What Did We Learn Today:
Tommy Bowden is the greatest ever.
2. Tommy Bowden doesn’t care what you think, he knows he’s awesome.
3. Tommy Bowden haters hate America.


Mr. Parker said...

Tommy Bowden is gone after this year.

Rod Gardner said...

what are you Tommy's son, daughter, mistress gay lover? Get off his jock he sucks. We should be vying for an ACC championship every year with our talent. Tommy is a joke

Anonymous said...

Mr. Parker, shut the hell up! Bowden will not get fired. How can you fire the winning coach in the national championship game?

Anonymous said...

Rod Gardner,
Nice Push off back in 2000. Oh yea, and I was so happy to see it work out for you with the panthers the other year.

JasonL said...

Clearly the Cult of Tommy Bowden is an acquired taste. Personally, I have not only drank the Kool-Aid, but I gulped it down. Tommy Bowden haters are al-queda.

As Todd Flanders would say "Tommy Bowden haters make baby Jesus cry"

Osama Bin Laden said...

I hate Tommy Bowden and America!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Parker and Rod Gardner.... you are retarded

NoleCC said...

LOL... nice list.

Anonymous said...

nice job. very funy

Anonymous said...

Tommy Bowdeb hater hate America....Priceless!