Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Going To Miss You Tommy!

Breaking News: Clemson Fires Tommy Bowden - Link

12:30pm - Our thoughts and last blog will arrive shortly this afternoon. For the meantime, please keep the Bowden family in your prayers. For now, I will leave you with the very first entry to this blog and my personal favorite.

1:15pm - Question for Clemson Tiger Fans. Should Clemson go after Terry Bowden?


What My Wikipedia Entry Would Be For Tommy Bowden

Picture from Bobby Dodd Stadium - 2003
Tommy Bowden defeated Georgia Tech 39-3
Tommy Bowden (born on July 10, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama) is the head football coach at Clemson and is the 2nd best coach in the ACC (Top 10 Best in the Country). He is the son of FSU God Bobby Bowden who Tommy has defeated 3 out of the last 4 years. Lord Tommy has never had a losing season at Clemson and as long as he is there, he never will have one. (Clemson fans should realize this and should feel extremely blessed). Tommy is also two-time TWO-TIME ACC Coach of the Year. In the 2003 season, he became the first coach in NCAA history to defeat two coaches with 200 or more wins in a one-month span. During his first year, his Clemson team broke 46 school records. (Clemson fans please stand at attention and salute your Bowden)

Bowden has overcome tremendous odds winning and recruiting over the years at Lake Hartwell. Clemson fans don't realize this, but ever since 2001, Bowden has secured more and more big time athletes to come play at Clemson. And no, they didn't come to Clemson because they were impressed with the JoDon Reames house party they went to on their recruiting visit that was located 2 blocks behind the AGR house. The athletes and their "momma's" were impressed with Bowden because of his class, integrity, and graduation rate . The longer Bowden stays, the more "special" athletes he gets which = the more wins he will accumluate. Unfortunately, Clemson fans think the Great Wall of China was built in a day, so they tend to believe that Clemson should win a National Championship overnight. Tommy is married to the former Linda White and has two children, Ryan and Lauren (Lauren is so hot).

Watch out for Thursday's Blog -

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It Was Bowden To Happen

The Tommy Bowden news was confirmed to us before the Clemson/USC game ever started from a highly recognized influential person in Clemson's Athletic Department that Tommy Bowden was in their good graces and that he would not be fired whether win or lose to South Carolina. This article - Link - came out yesterday announcing that Bowden will receive a contract extension in the following weeks. "Your website has really focused and brought out the great points and facts of the miraculous things that Bowden has accomplished here in this redneck town," stated CU Athletic Department BigWig.

What a great and logical decision this is! I can't tell you how happy we are for Clemson. Tommy Bowden could be coaching in any state he wants, but he (hopefully) will decide to accept this contract extension and put up with all the redneck farmers wearing purple overalls in Clemson a little longer. Let's just hope and pray that he doesn't decline this extension and accept a job at Georgia Tech and start kicking our Clemson ass every year!
I'm glad our website was able to highlight and influence the Clemson Athletic Department in their decision.

Monday, November 12, 2007

While We Were Gone ......

We have to admit, when things started going bad for Bowden and the Tigers, we did what any normal and true Clemson fan would do ..... go on vacation. Yes, we wanted to get as far away from the critics, gamecock fans, and crazy TigerNet people as possible. Plus, we made a helluva lot of money betting on the Clemson/Central Michigan game, so that's another reason why we went on vacation. Remember this blog - Link - I told you we were going to score 70 points, and we did. We were a 17 point favorite and Tommy Bowden defeated Central Michigan 70-14. For you crazy Clemson farmers out there wearing purple overalls who can't do the math, we won by 56 points and covered the spread. See .... even Dan Scott or Mickey "The Hardcore Republican" Plyler couldn't have picked that one. Plus we wanted to get the hell out of the U.S. during halloween, I hate having little kids knock on my door asking for candy.

Bowden is on the goalline attempting to score a great season for Clemson. You have to like Bowden's chances finally punching it in this coming Saturday taking his Tigers to Jacksonville. Defensively, Clemson has proved and played well enough to win every game it has suited up for this season and boasts one of the fastest, hardest-hitting units in the country. Not trying to jinx us, but it appears that the offense has arrived, and if it makes you feel better, we're a 7.5 point favorite in Vegas. We're tired from our trip so I'm sorry if today's post isn't as entertaining as some of our previous ones. We'll be sure to get back first thing tomorrow spreading the word on Tommy Bowden and bragging on our Tigers ..... and making fun of Tommy Bowden haters.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Is This Guy Starting For Maryland Tomorrow? Is He Their 3rd String?

at Chaminade High School: A three-year letterwinner and starter ... a drop-back passer in a pass-oriented offense ... was 139-of-265 for 2,047 yards with 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions as a senior ... best season was his junior year when he passed for nearly 3,400 yards and 30 touchdowns with 10 interceptions ... had two 400-yard passing days as a junior ... second team All-CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) as a senior ... an All-Mission league selection as a junior and senior ... named a "Far West" all-region pick by SuperPrep ... an all-region selection by PrepStar ... a three-year letterwinner in baseball (pitcher) ... also recruited by Louisville, Boise State, Oregon, Utah and Texas Tech ... coached by Ben McEnroe.
Personal: Born Sept. 8, 1987 ... parents are John and Grace Turner ... an avid scuba diver ... father was the original drummer in the band RATT ... majoring in government and politics.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Official: Steve Spurrier Is Not God

Just when the dumba$$ website Steve Spurrier Is God thought they were riding high and fly, the Ole Ball Sack dropped a big stinky at home against Vanderbilt this past weekend. Seriously, Erin Andrews could have worn a wet "Go Cocks" t-shirt and called a better game offensively than Spurrier did. That's probably why they posted this blog yesterday - Link.
We've never had any beef with Spurrier before and we totally agree with him that no "booing" should ever take place at a college football game. In fact, of the 2 1/2 years Spurrier has been at USC, this may be his first game he's had no business losing (unless you consider the bowl loss to Missouri in 05' a failure). No, no, no .... we don't hate Spurrier at all, and we almost feel bad that the chicken curse killed the only sign of hope that gamecock fans had of making it to the SEC Championship game. Their run lasted for a while but finally came to an end. This is nothing new to gamecock fans though. You have all watched your alma mater win some and lose some, and you've all drank after a win and drank after a loss. Hell, if your a Carolina fan, and unless your name is this guy, you've all attended USC for college before, right?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Whys Everyone So Upset?

Why is everyone so upset right now? We just had a bye week and lost to the #11 Virginia Tech Hokies who got lucky on two special teams plays where the officials missed a block in the back penalty on both. We're sitting 7-2 right now (if you include wins against Central Michigan, Duke, and South Carolina), we have the #3 Boston College Eagles coming into Death Valley in a few weeks where Clemson will probably be the favorite, and we have a good but not great Wake Forest team coming into Death Valley. The only game I'm scared of is playing at Maryland. The Fridge has kind of had Tommy Bowden's number over the past few years and they're not a bad team at all this year. Either way, the Clemson supporters have spoken. If Tommy Bowden wins at least 9 games, 50% of the fans say he deserves to come back. I hope Clemson Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips takes noticed of this.

By the way, we will score more than 63 points this coming Saturday against Central Michigan. If you think 63 is a lot, it's not ...... Tommy Bowden and Charlie Whitehurst put 63 points up at South Carolina in 2003. Go Tommy! Go Tigers'!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't Take Clemson Football Too Seriously, You'll Never Get Out Alive

Kinda Funny How Clemson Fans Forget So Easily

The TBIG mailbag has been receiving a lot of hateful and borderline threatening letters over the past couple of weeks that even make us fearful for our lives (and you know how gangsta we are). It's one thing to have someone say their gonna kick your ass, but when you have a dumbass redneck farmer wearing purple tell you he's gonna kick your ass, you def. don't take it too lightly. I will be the first to admit that I am questioning my faith in Tommy Bowden right now as well. As the way it looks, there won' be a Tommy Bowden fat-head made for next year, there won't ever be a Tommy Bowden Statue placed inside the WestEndzone, and the Tommy Bowden Wikipedia entry that will be updated at the end of the year won't be to my liking as well. We'll see how the season plays out though, we're not throwing anyone under the bus just yet.

As I sat in my seats - Section R, Row FF, Seats 6 and 8 - one of the Clemson fans (probably a Tigernet nutjob) behind me acted totally out of line the entire ballgame. For every normal word that came out of his mouth, he would have 4 cuss words behind it. Honestly, all I heard were sentences like: mother f-er b!tch stupid a$$. Oh yea, and 2 minutes into the ballgame, he tried to start a fight with a VT Fan! There was actually a peaceful moment there for about 5 minutes when the man behind me left his seat to go to the little boy's room. Luckily for Tiger Nation I didn't see any 4 or 5 star recruits sitting around us who could hear that clown (and yes, Tommy Bowden normally has a lot of 4 and 5 star recruits visiting Clemson on a weekly basis). We're not 100% sure if the season will get turned around and if the players will start executing or not but there is one thing we do know: We won't know a decision on Bowden till the end of the year, so Clemson fans better suck it up and get behind Bowden and our team and stop hurting our chances in recruiting. What if Clemson goes 8-4, and their 4 losses are VT, GT, USC, and BC? 3 out of those 4 teams are in the Top 15. Does Tommy keep his job?

What Regular Season Record At The End Does Tommy Need To Save His Job?




Too Late,Tommy Can't Save His Job

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Don't Know Who This Guy Is, But He's Making Way Too Much Sense To Be Talking On TigerNet

(Click on Picture To Enlarge For Reading)
Wow! You don't see this often at all. Someone actually making a post on TigerNet that makes complete sense and is 100% right and 0% wrong. Things like this happen once or twice a year so I felt the need to point it out.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Two Favorite Players On The 2007 Clemson Football Team

Punter - Jimmy Maners
Ever since the Florida State game we have been asking ourselves this one question: "why didn't Jimmy Maners start last year?" The obvious answer is because Tommy Bowden is God and he knows what he's doing. I'm not sure how good or how bad he was last year in practice, but what I do know is that this guy is a complete badass this year. He may look like a dorky soccer player but when it comes down to it, he is a big reason why I have a lot of confidence in our team this year. I just hope that cute blonde that goes to Wofford doesn't get in the way and mess his game up!
9/3 vs. Florida State - 8 punts averaging 36.4 yards - Long 52 yards
9/8 vs. Louisiana Monroe - 4 punts averaging 44.8 - Long 71 yards
9/15 vs. Furman - 3 punts averaging 49.0 yards - Long 56 yards
9/22 vs. NC State - 2 punts averaging 48.5 yards - Long 49 yards
*** Distance was not as long vs. FSU due to punting it from midfield every time
Free Safety - Chris Clemons
You would think having all-americans like Michael Hamlin and other baddasses like Courtney Vincent, Phillip Merling, Ricky Sapp and Crezdon Butler that one of those guys would be my favorite defensive player for the Tigers! While I do appreciate and enjoy watching everyone of those guys, Chris Clemons is the man. I'm not trying to put any added pressure on this guy to perform over his head or anything, I just want to see him continue doing his job. Seriously, with Clemons and Hamlin, we may very well have the best two safetys in the country!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Prediction

Tommy Bowden Talking With Lou Holtz Just Before He Defeated Him 63-17

While Tommy Bowden continues to plow his own path to the ACC Title Game, defying conventional wisdom and hammering home a message to the rest of the ACC saying "do not _____ with us, do not _____ with us," there are still some delusional Clemson fans hanging out at the Esso Club who still think Tommy needs to go. "He's so stuck up, he'd drown in a rainstorm," said Esso Club drinker Marty Jergen. Jergen's friend Andy P. added, "He tells us every year that we're almost there, and that .... we're almost there. Tommy Bowden is the type of man that if you're not looking will pee on your back and tell you it's raining." I totally disagree with those misleading and reckless statements. One of reasons why I like Bowden and I feel like is one of his greatest strengths is that he could care less what the insider crowd thinks of him. People like Marty and Andy can continue to hang out at the Esso Club and drink the night away and say whatever they want, but when it comes down to it, their drunken words will continue to hurt their credibility.

Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence will again have an offensive scheme cooked up that will F**** up GT defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta. The Clemson Tiger Football team and the Tommy B Express will continue to roll again this week in Atlanta and keep the drunken critics silent. Clemson 34 - Georgia Tech 22

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is Too Cool For The Hot Seat!

Tommy Bowden has been on the hot seat for so long his underwear should be on fire! But it’s no problem for Bowden, “If these Clemson fans want to get rid of the greatest coach in college football history, they can go ahead. I’ll be fine”, says Bowden. Tommy Bowden has single handedly turned Clemson into one of the best college football programs in the country. He gets quality, talented kids to come to Pickens, South Carolina. People from Pickens even wish they were somewhere else! What could possibly be going on in the delusional Clemson fans head that would make them think it’s a good idea to fire the greatest coach in sports history? (Notice I said sports. This includes hockey, soccer, women’s softball, ping pong…. You name it!) If you could do a better job than Tommy Bowden then you would be the head coach. Are you the head coach? No! So, it’s time to shut up.

Here is a list of other things people who want Bowden fired hate:
1. Christmas
2. Vacations
3. Victoria Secret catalogs
4. America
5. Themselves

What Did We Learn Today:
Tommy Bowden is the greatest ever.
2. Tommy Bowden doesn’t care what you think, he knows he’s awesome.
3. Tommy Bowden haters hate America.

Monday, September 24, 2007

If You're Not Happy With Tommy Bowden, Then How Can You Possibly Be Happy With Yourself?

Does Tommy's Hat Really Say "Boob Inspector?"

While a lot of you Clemson boys out there wish that Tommy Bowden and the Clemson football team were 0-4 right now so Terry Don Phillips would be forced to get rid of Tommy Bowden at the season's end, simple fact is they're not. I knew we would we beat the wolfpack up in Raleigh, but I didn't realize Tommy was going to beat them like a red-headed stepchild. Clemson, 608 yards - NC State, 202 yards. Good God! I knew I shouldn't have questioned Tommy last week, but the Lincoln Financial Sports curse can just be too much to handle sometimes!

The TBIG mailbag is literally bursting at the seams from our little blog - Link - the other week predicting this 4-0 start for Tommy Bowden and the Tigers. This is what TBIG founder D.W. Davis had to say about it. "If I'm more of an influence to your son as a blogger than you are as a father … you got to look at yourself as a parent. " We welcome and encourage all true Clemson supporters to write us fan mail, so feel free to keep the letters pouring in. We will get more in depth this week on why Tommy Bowden Is God, the upcoming Georgia Tech game, and probably a tad bit of gamecock hatin! For the rest of the day I would encourage everyone to please reflect on Saturday's win, and come up with a player and coach of the N.C. State game for me. Also I would like for everyone to repeat and think long and hard about this question: "If you're not happy with Tommy Bowden, then how can you possibly be happy with yourself?"