Friday, August 31, 2007

I Found This Story On Another BlogSite Today ...

"So a couple days back we were driving down Rosewood when we pulled up right behind some shirtless redneck on a moped. And it wasn’t one of those blinged out mopeds, it was a beat-the-hell-up moped like the one in the picture above. We looked closer at the long-haired shirtless man and it was Gamecock badboy Stephen Garcia. Now you know why we call it a duiped right? Because that’s what people drive around after they get a DUI and their license is taken away. So, we are wondering … did Garcia get stripped of his license after his two arrests?"

Today, We Would Like To Thank Tommy Bowden For Doing A Great Job In Recruiting

The picture on the left features RB C.J. Spiller, and WR Jacoby Ford. The picture on the right features WR Jacoby Ford, RB James Davis, and RB C.J. Spiller. In all reality, does FSU have anyone who can defend Jacoby Ford or C.J. Spiller when they're in the slot position?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Is Interesting ......

Experts make their pick on the
Monday, Sept. 3 - No. 19 Florida State @ Clemson - Link

Tommy Bowden Is God Crystal Ball

Season Prediction
Before going any further, I want all of my readers to read today's post as objectively as possible. A lot of research, thoughts, and gutfeelings have went into today's blog and I want everyone to value and respect my opinion and research on all 12 games below. Here we go:
Sep. 3 - Florida State - W - Yall already know how I feel about this game. Willy Korn gets to make his deput and Rob Spence's offensive playbook will undoubtedly f*** up that FSU defense.
Sep. 8 - Louisiana-Monroe - W - Tommy Bowden and Rob Spence probably won't even show up to this game.
Sep. 15 - Furman - W
Sep. 22 - @ NC State - W - There's a really strong chance that this game will be over with after the first quarter. Our gut is telling us one word, "blowout."
Sep. 29 - @ GT - W - Clemson struggles early in this game but Bowden gives a halftime speech from hell that will make anybody cry and Clemson comes back in the 2nd half to win by a couple of TD's.
Oct. 6 - Virginia Tech - W - This game actually turns out into a blowout as well. VT doesn't perform any lucky "punt blocks" and Tommy Bowden and Rob Spence end up executing their marvelous gameplan to perfection.
Oct. 20 - Central Michigan - W - Tommy Bowden Is God
Oct. 27 - @ Maryland - W - Clemson struggles early on, and Bowden actually coaches a bad game, but the Tigers still pull it out 35-10.
Nov. 3 - @ Duke - W - I agree with Danny Ford Is God on this one, Duke won't go 0-fer this year, but they won't win this one.
Nov. 10 - Wake Forest - W - Wake Forest competes and is able to stay close to Clemson for the 1st half only. Bowden and Spence end up unloading in the 2nd half and Tribble Reese actually see's playing time.
Nov. 17 - Boston College - W - BC quarterback Matt Ryan gets knocked out in the 2nd play of the game and BC never recovers after that. 33-21 Clemson.
Nov. 24 - @ South Carolina - W - Tommy Bowden Is God

Once we make it to the ACC championship and find out who we are playing after Nov. 24, then we will make a prediction on that game and where we think we will eventually be bowling at.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Sources Say .....

Clemson - Freshman QB, Willy Korn

We didnt, but a source of ours checked out about 30 minutes of the Clemson practice over the weekend and needless to say .... saw some interesting events take place. It started off with QB Cullen Harper leading the charge down the field with the first team offense against the 2nd team defense. Didn't look bad but we got locked down around the 20 and had to settle for a field goal. Actually, had to settle for a miss field goal. My source tells me that the teammates off the field started chanting Willy, Willy, Willy, Willy. Sure enough, Bowden had Willy Korn come in and run a drive with the first team offense against the first team defense. He said the kid looked like a stud! Around a 10 play drive, finished it off with a 15 yard touchdown pass to a receiver on a crossing route. He said Korn without a doubt looked like the better QB between the two.

I'm not one to base my decision on 30 minutes worth of practice, but it has become obvious on here which way I am leaning. We are still standing behind Bowden's decision to start Harper, but Clemson fans, don't be surprised if Willy Korn is starting come Georgia Tech weekend. Actually, it really won't surprise me if Korn ends up starting over Harper when Florida State comes into town. My gamecock friends are going to come on here and whine, scream, and tell me that Korn will piss in his pants against Florida State and etc ..... but I'm not really too worried about all of that. I'll say this, there's a higher chance that South Carolina QB Chris Smelley will piss in his pants when he faces the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette this weekend than Willy Korn will playing FSU.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God Official Statement On Emmanuel Cook: We Have No Official Statement And Thankgod Tommy Bowden Is Our Coach

Offender Is Currently Detained
Current Charges: UNLAWFUL POSS PISTOL - OffenderID: 108964
Last Name: COOK JR - First Name: EMMANUEL - Middle Name: LEE
Sex: Male - Race: Black - Date of Birth: 01/20/1988
Hair: Brown - Eyes: Brown -Height: 6'9 - Weight: 210 lbs
College Football Team: University of South Carolina (Sophomore)

Question For Tommy Bowden Haters: Is It Tommy Bowden's Fault That His Parade All American Kicker Can't Get The Job Done?

Today's post is in no way meant to blast on a 20 year old kid, but the point that needs to be understood here is this: maybe everything isn't "Bowden's Fault." Let's look at Richard Jackson's high school bio right quick.

------ Averaged 46 yards per punt as a senior at Riverside High School ... Parade All-American, the first Parade All-America kicker to come to Clemson since Chris Gardocki in 1988 ... #3 placekicker in the nation by ... first-team All-American by EA Sports ... #10 kicker in the nation by ... Shrine Bowl team member... South Carolina High School Coaches Association Special Teams Player-of-the-Year ... first-team all-state by The State ... set the state record with a 64-yard field goal as a senior; his kick was featured as one of the plays-of-the-week on ESPN; also made a 47-yard field goal in that game.

After reading his high school achievements, one would think this guy would be as good as Sam Swank from Wake Forest. Not only will he not be our starting punter this year, he's not even going to be our starting kicker! How in the world this guy has let a walk-on soccer player beat him out for the starting job this year, and how in the world he has let a former high school quarterback beat him out for the punting job ..... I have no idea! So for all of you Tommy Bowden haters who love to blame EVERYTHING on him, I encourage you to stop and ask yourself this one question. "Maybe it's not always Tommy Bowden's fault, maybe it's the kid's fault?"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God Official Statement: Thankgod Tommy Bowden Recruits Quality Kids

Three SC Gamecock Players Suspended For Season Opener - Mitchell, Wallace and Hail To Sit Out Louisiana-Lafayette Contest

QB Blake Mitchell - CB Chris Hail - RB Bobby Wallace
Aug. 23, 2007 -
Three players will miss the Gamecocks' season opener for a violation of athletic department policy, University of South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier announced today. The three players who will be suspended for the opening game are quarterback Blake Mitchell, tailback Bobby Wallace and cornerback Chris Hail. The Gamecocks open the season against the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette on Sept. 1 at 7 p.m. at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia.
Let's just hope we don't see those pictures look like these one day

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starting Bid For This Willy Korn Action Figure: $25

I wish I was just making this stuff up, but it's becoming more clear everyday now ..... Willy Korn will be the starting quarterback for Clemson at somepoint this year. We just heard the semi-disturbing news, which Bowden confirmed yesterday, that Cullen Harper will be the starter against FSU. We're gonna get behind Bowden's decision and support Harper, but we will continue to talk Willy Korn up and we will continue to "believe the hype." My god, he's got an action figure going for sell on ebay already. If you don't believe me, here's the link - Willy Korn Action Figure. You don't see Cullen Harper having an action figure selling on ebay do you?

I don't know who the guy is selling this Willy Korn Action Figure, but my advice to him is this ...... keep it!!! After Clemson starts off the season 4-0 and heading down to Georgia Tech with Willy Korn leading the charge, the starting bid for this action figure could potentially be at $100. Tommy Bowden, even though I disagree with you on your decision to start Harper, I do understand that "I'm not the coach" and "I haven't been watching the guys in practice everyday." Therefore, I will accept your decision, respect it, and hope that you are correct. All I ask is that you respect my opinion in return ......... START WILLY KORN!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mickey Andrews Is Absolutely Terrified Of This Man's Playbook

Clemson Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence

Okay, for those of you who don't know who Mickey Andrews is, I'll fill in you right quick: Mickey Andrews has been the FSU defensive coordinator since 1984. He actually was the defensive coordinator at Clemson under Danny Ford from 76-80. He played football at Alabama.

Having Jacoby Ford, CJ Spiller, and James Davis in the game all at the same time, can you imagine what Rob Spence has cooked up in the offseason for this game? You can't! Actually, no one can, that's why Mickey Andrews is terrified! If you're an opposing teams defensive coordinator, how can you not be scared? Also let's keep in mind, with Rob Spence having veins popping out like one of those aliens from Independence Day, that's another reason to be scared of him too. Please Clemson fans, let's all get behind Bowden and Spence for this game, and when Spence get's done with FSU on Labor Day night, the talk at the Esso Club for the next year will be how Rob Spence made Mickey Andrews look like Mickey Mouse.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Tommy Bowden And Rob Spence's New Strategy Should Be: "F--- It"

Clemson Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence - Head Coach Tommy Bowden

The way these ludicrous Tigernet2 clowns and Esso Club drinkers have treated him over the years, he should tell everyone of them to go tie a cement block to their foot and jump in a lake. You know, I know it, everybody knows it. If Bowden was President (which basically he is to Clemson fans), the dissatisfaction with his job performance and approval ratings currently hanging around the mid 30's are going to be tough to overcome. He can do it, and probably will do it, but either way he and Rob Spence just need to say "F--- It." This is not a plan that should be used on the football field though, this is a plan that should be used off the field.

The Off The Field "F--- It" Plan - Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Step 1: The installation of a new "trap-door" system in the Clemson Football press room, where the simple push of a button can remove any offending journalists as Tommy sees fit.
Step 2: Will threaten to use legal action against Tigernet2 and every member of the tigernet nation who has ever said anything remotely threatening or dumb on there.
Step 3: After defeating Florida State, Rob Spence and Tommy Bowden will go down to the Esso Club and challenge every drunk to an arm wrestling match.
Step 4: On September 8th when Clemson plays Louisiana-Monroe in Death Valley ...... Spence and Bowden will not show up for that game. They will head down to Tiger Town Tavern and watch the South Carolina Gamecocks lose to Georgia.

Monday, August 13, 2007

After This Season, Tommy Bowden Will Have His Own FatHead

Personally I wouldn't buy one. If these are available next year, I will probably just stick to the Clemson Football Helmet that I already have, but it wouldn't surprise me if these Tommy Bowden fatheads sell like a $15 Polo shirt at Ross's next year after Bowden wins the ACC and possibly Orange Bowl Championship. Fathead.Com currently does not sell any posters of coaches but that may be changing in the upcoming months. I mean seriously, if they're making a fathead of Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr., surely they'll start making them of Bowden, Spurrier, and Friedgen. Actually, they may not make one of Ralph Friedgen, that fathead maybe a little too ..... FAT!

It's a long ways away, and we'll know more after September 3rd, but I'm feeling very confident in Bowden and Clemson football this year. Remember Clemson fans, when you think things are just terrible at Clemson don't forget, they could always be worse. For instance ...... NC State losing at home to Akron last year. UVA having top recruiting classes over the past several years and not even making it to a bowl game. Remember, there are a lot of other good coaches in the ACC, trust me, you don't want Bowden to leave. What I'm saying is this .... don't support firing a coach for winning 8 ball games, especially considering that it's been over 25 years since we've won a National Championship.
***Last week Tommy Bowden picked up another verbal commitment in the class of 2008 - No. 2 Linebacker in SC, Jonathan Willard.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's Official .......

I want to thank everyone for participating in our online poll the other week. We care a lot about the input from true Clemson fans who believe in Tommy Bowden. Don't get me wrong, we are many years away from placing the Tommy Bowden statue in the West Endzone, but considering people who work for Athletic Departments tend to stay there for about 80 years, I have no problem planting this seed with Terry Don and Billy D now.

Personally, I put "Replace Howard's Rock with the Bowden Statue" out there almost as a joke because other than the west endzone and iptay office, I couldn't think of any other ideas where to place it. But sure enough, it captured 35% of the vote ....... VERY SURPRISING!!! There may have been some Gamecock fans sneak in and vote for that one. And yes, I did call them Gamecock Fans and not Coots. I voted to have it placed out in front of the IPTAY building but unfortunately the majority of voters didn't agree with that idea. Either way it's official, and the Clemson/Tommy Bowden Fans have spoken, the statue should be placed in the "West Endzone."

Seriously, How Can You Not Like This Guy?

A few minutes with Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden at the ACC Football Kickoff in Pinehurst, NC. Filmed for the Chatham Journal Newspaper.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Note To Tommy Bowden And Rob Spence: Don't Play It Safe ..... Start Willy Korn

QB #3 True Freshman Willy Korn - QB #10 Redshirt Junior Cullen Harper

For those of you who say I'm crazy, let's look at the facts. Willy Korn has played on local TV and National TV more times than Cullen Harper has. When the going got bad for Proctor last year Rob Spence publicly came out and said that Proctor was definitely our best quarterback and we have to stick with him. A high school football coach told me that in the Spring game that Cullen Harper could only look at his first read. He went on to say that it appeared Korn was going through his progressions decently well. I've never been a Clemson fan to criticize Bowden for playing it safe, conservative, etc. But there are a lot of Clemson fans who whine and scream at Bowden for playing it safe. Amazingly enough though, when I talk to fellow Clemson fans about this situation on whether or not Korn should be the starter, there seems to be a consensus agreement that you go with Harper. I disagree with that judgement.

I like Harper, and I understand the whole argument that he knows the system better. I understand all he's going to do is hand it off primarily, and if Harper is good enough to throw just a little, then you should go with the more experience quarterback. Look, Stafford from UGA was about as highly recruited as Korn was. He didn't do great last year, but ..... he didn't do bad. And he didn't have a backfield with Davis and Spiller. Bowden and Spence .... do the right thing, don't play it safe, start Korn and let's get 2007 Clemson football off on the right track.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Let's Go Ahead And Jump On The Maners Bandwagon Before It's Too Late

Maners Fact: Only Tiger on the 2007 roster who has punted in a game. Fall 2007 Depth Chart Position: First-team punter
Overview: Named most improved on the field and in the weightroom among specialists by the Clemson coaches for the 2007 spring practice...won the starting punter job in the spring with a 48.2-yard average on five punts in the spring game ... solid in the classroom; he was named to ACC Academic Honor Roll for the 2006-07 academic year, as he was on the academic honor roll each semester... has been on the Dean's List or President's List every semester.
2006: Backup punter who had one punt, a 42-yarder against Temple; he was the only punter to appear in that game due to Clemson's proficiency on offense (63 points), so he was credited with a start ... only Tiger to start a game and not earn a letter.
2005: Backup punter who did not appear in a game ... walked on to the team in the spring.
Before Clemson: Lettered three times in football and two times in golf at Northwestern High School...played quarterback and punter under Head Coach Jimmy Wallace...all-area selection as a quarterback by Rock Hill Herald and all-region as a punter as a senior...averaged 42 yards per punt as both a junior and senior...two-time selection as Tri-County Coaches Association Specialist-of-the-Week during his career...his father Michael played football at Alabama and Presbyterian in the early 1980s...his brother Barrett lettered two times at Coastal Carolina ... born James Hampton Maners on Oct. 16, 1986 in Rock Hill, SC ... majoring in history.

****This kid was unbelievable on the flag football field playing quarterback 3 years ago! He was like a cat running around that you couldn't even come close to catching. Word on the street I heard was that Wofford recruited this kid to play quarterback coming out of high school. Either way, he averaged 48 yards per punt in the spring game this year and hopefully this fall he can pick up where he left off from that game and do a tremendous job for us.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Hateful And Defeatist MySpace Profile

As I browse through this blowhards friend list, I find Roy Williams, Jenna Jamison, Metallica, Stephen Colbert, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Bowden and surprisingly enough ..... J-Lo's ass. Aside from the friend list (because we know the "friends" aren't real), let's dig in and find out what the real beef is that this drunk has with Bowden.

As I start off reading the lines "Bowden Should Resign," I find myself starting to fall asleep but I quickly catch myself and continue to read on. Then just a few lines below that I read the question: "When is Bowden going to realize he's not a football coach?" As I keep reading along barely keeping my eyes open, this guy asks the question "When will Tommy realize he's never going to be a real football coach." Dude, the guy went 18-4 in two seasons at Tulane and has a winning record every year that he's been at Clemson. I realize you're probably just another Esso Club drunk who knows it all but let me remind you one thing .... just because you went undefeated in NCAA08 on PS2, that doesn't mean you can coach better than Bowden.

And if you want my input on the President Barker situation, I have absolutely no problem in our advisory board not allowing Dwight Jones sign a letter of intent. Obviously there were some things that proved to Barker and the Board that this guy wouldn't have a chance to make it academically at Clemson. But thats fine, whoever this guy is running this myspace profile won't ever understand that. By the way, since UNC didn't let him in either, and forced him to go to prep school, lets A. look to see if he ever makes it in to UNC or B. Check him out 3 years from now and see if he's still there. Letters of intent are not admissions guarantees. I don't know why that is so hard for some people to understand. Now stand at attention and please salute your Bowden and Barker.

By the way, here are some other notable schools who are ranked in the Top 25 Academically: Texas, Ohio State, UNC, California, Georgia, Florida .... just to name a few