Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It Was Bowden To Happen

The Tommy Bowden news was confirmed to us before the Clemson/USC game ever started from a highly recognized influential person in Clemson's Athletic Department that Tommy Bowden was in their good graces and that he would not be fired whether win or lose to South Carolina. This article - Link - came out yesterday announcing that Bowden will receive a contract extension in the following weeks. "Your website has really focused and brought out the great points and facts of the miraculous things that Bowden has accomplished here in this redneck town," stated CU Athletic Department BigWig.

What a great and logical decision this is! I can't tell you how happy we are for Clemson. Tommy Bowden could be coaching in any state he wants, but he (hopefully) will decide to accept this contract extension and put up with all the redneck farmers wearing purple overalls in Clemson a little longer. Let's just hope and pray that he doesn't decline this extension and accept a job at Georgia Tech and start kicking our Clemson ass every year!
I'm glad our website was able to highlight and influence the Clemson Athletic Department in their decision.

Monday, November 12, 2007

While We Were Gone ......

We have to admit, when things started going bad for Bowden and the Tigers, we did what any normal and true Clemson fan would do ..... go on vacation. Yes, we wanted to get as far away from the critics, gamecock fans, and crazy TigerNet people as possible. Plus, we made a helluva lot of money betting on the Clemson/Central Michigan game, so that's another reason why we went on vacation. Remember this blog - Link - I told you we were going to score 70 points, and we did. We were a 17 point favorite and Tommy Bowden defeated Central Michigan 70-14. For you crazy Clemson farmers out there wearing purple overalls who can't do the math, we won by 56 points and covered the spread. See .... even Dan Scott or Mickey "The Hardcore Republican" Plyler couldn't have picked that one. Plus we wanted to get the hell out of the U.S. during halloween, I hate having little kids knock on my door asking for candy.

Bowden is on the goalline attempting to score a great season for Clemson. You have to like Bowden's chances finally punching it in this coming Saturday taking his Tigers to Jacksonville. Defensively, Clemson has proved and played well enough to win every game it has suited up for this season and boasts one of the fastest, hardest-hitting units in the country. Not trying to jinx us, but it appears that the offense has arrived, and if it makes you feel better, we're a 7.5 point favorite in Vegas. We're tired from our trip so I'm sorry if today's post isn't as entertaining as some of our previous ones. We'll be sure to get back first thing tomorrow spreading the word on Tommy Bowden and bragging on our Tigers ..... and making fun of Tommy Bowden haters.