Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Two Favorite Players On The 2007 Clemson Football Team

Punter - Jimmy Maners
Ever since the Florida State game we have been asking ourselves this one question: "why didn't Jimmy Maners start last year?" The obvious answer is because Tommy Bowden is God and he knows what he's doing. I'm not sure how good or how bad he was last year in practice, but what I do know is that this guy is a complete badass this year. He may look like a dorky soccer player but when it comes down to it, he is a big reason why I have a lot of confidence in our team this year. I just hope that cute blonde that goes to Wofford doesn't get in the way and mess his game up!
9/3 vs. Florida State - 8 punts averaging 36.4 yards - Long 52 yards
9/8 vs. Louisiana Monroe - 4 punts averaging 44.8 - Long 71 yards
9/15 vs. Furman - 3 punts averaging 49.0 yards - Long 56 yards
9/22 vs. NC State - 2 punts averaging 48.5 yards - Long 49 yards
*** Distance was not as long vs. FSU due to punting it from midfield every time
Free Safety - Chris Clemons
You would think having all-americans like Michael Hamlin and other baddasses like Courtney Vincent, Phillip Merling, Ricky Sapp and Crezdon Butler that one of those guys would be my favorite defensive player for the Tigers! While I do appreciate and enjoy watching everyone of those guys, Chris Clemons is the man. I'm not trying to put any added pressure on this guy to perform over his head or anything, I just want to see him continue doing his job. Seriously, with Clemons and Hamlin, we may very well have the best two safetys in the country!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Prediction

Tommy Bowden Talking With Lou Holtz Just Before He Defeated Him 63-17

While Tommy Bowden continues to plow his own path to the ACC Title Game, defying conventional wisdom and hammering home a message to the rest of the ACC saying "do not _____ with us, do not _____ with us," there are still some delusional Clemson fans hanging out at the Esso Club who still think Tommy needs to go. "He's so stuck up, he'd drown in a rainstorm," said Esso Club drinker Marty Jergen. Jergen's friend Andy P. added, "He tells us every year that we're almost there, and that .... we're almost there. Tommy Bowden is the type of man that if you're not looking will pee on your back and tell you it's raining." I totally disagree with those misleading and reckless statements. One of reasons why I like Bowden and I feel like is one of his greatest strengths is that he could care less what the insider crowd thinks of him. People like Marty and Andy can continue to hang out at the Esso Club and drink the night away and say whatever they want, but when it comes down to it, their drunken words will continue to hurt their credibility.

Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence will again have an offensive scheme cooked up that will F**** up GT defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta. The Clemson Tiger Football team and the Tommy B Express will continue to roll again this week in Atlanta and keep the drunken critics silent. Clemson 34 - Georgia Tech 22

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is Too Cool For The Hot Seat!

Tommy Bowden has been on the hot seat for so long his underwear should be on fire! But it’s no problem for Bowden, “If these Clemson fans want to get rid of the greatest coach in college football history, they can go ahead. I’ll be fine”, says Bowden. Tommy Bowden has single handedly turned Clemson into one of the best college football programs in the country. He gets quality, talented kids to come to Pickens, South Carolina. People from Pickens even wish they were somewhere else! What could possibly be going on in the delusional Clemson fans head that would make them think it’s a good idea to fire the greatest coach in sports history? (Notice I said sports. This includes hockey, soccer, women’s softball, ping pong…. You name it!) If you could do a better job than Tommy Bowden then you would be the head coach. Are you the head coach? No! So, it’s time to shut up.

Here is a list of other things people who want Bowden fired hate:
1. Christmas
2. Vacations
3. Victoria Secret catalogs
4. America
5. Themselves

What Did We Learn Today:
Tommy Bowden is the greatest ever.
2. Tommy Bowden doesn’t care what you think, he knows he’s awesome.
3. Tommy Bowden haters hate America.

Monday, September 24, 2007

If You're Not Happy With Tommy Bowden, Then How Can You Possibly Be Happy With Yourself?

Does Tommy's Hat Really Say "Boob Inspector?"

While a lot of you Clemson boys out there wish that Tommy Bowden and the Clemson football team were 0-4 right now so Terry Don Phillips would be forced to get rid of Tommy Bowden at the season's end, simple fact is they're not. I knew we would we beat the wolfpack up in Raleigh, but I didn't realize Tommy was going to beat them like a red-headed stepchild. Clemson, 608 yards - NC State, 202 yards. Good God! I knew I shouldn't have questioned Tommy last week, but the Lincoln Financial Sports curse can just be too much to handle sometimes!

The TBIG mailbag is literally bursting at the seams from our little blog - Link - the other week predicting this 4-0 start for Tommy Bowden and the Tigers. This is what TBIG founder D.W. Davis had to say about it. "If I'm more of an influence to your son as a blogger than you are as a father … you got to look at yourself as a parent. " We welcome and encourage all true Clemson supporters to write us fan mail, so feel free to keep the letters pouring in. We will get more in depth this week on why Tommy Bowden Is God, the upcoming Georgia Tech game, and probably a tad bit of gamecock hatin! For the rest of the day I would encourage everyone to please reflect on Saturday's win, and come up with a player and coach of the N.C. State game for me. Also I would like for everyone to repeat and think long and hard about this question: "If you're not happy with Tommy Bowden, then how can you possibly be happy with yourself?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guest Gamecock: My Thought's On Lee Corso

Lee Corso Is A Penis

I believe there are very few things that USC and Clemson fans can agree on. Clemson fans think USC fans are the biggest rednecks in college football, while Gamecocks fans think the same thing about the Tigers fans. Just to clear things up, both groups are rednecks. Both schools have devoted fan bases that 90% have absolutely no affiliation with the universities. But one thing both groups can agree on is that Lee Corso is a penis.

It doesn’t bother me that Mr. Corso said South Carolina would not win an SEC. Who cares that he said we could not beat Florida, Tennessee or Clemson? That is his job. He is supposed to be entertaining. What makes better television than trashing a school while you are on their campus? You may be wondering, why then is Corso a penis?

Before South Carolina’s first home game of the year, a video was show that responded to Corso’s comments. If I was Corso I would revel in the attention. However, he seemed to be genuinely angry when shown the video during the GameDay telecast. Now Chris Fowler is coming to Corso’s defense. Fowler, the lead announcer on “GameDay,” backed his broadcast partner. “I’m a little puzzled (about) the approach (of) marketing the team by attacking Lee,” Fowler said. “I don’t speak for him at all. But I think (Corso’s) reaction to the campaign was pretty evident if you saw the show.” “I don’t speak for what that would mean for the likelihood of ‘GameDay’ coming there. But I can tell you it doesn’t increase the chances,” Fowler said. “If South Carolina continues to win games, it will always be on the radar for game shows. But it would be a consideration, to go somewhere the show has been targeted.”It is time for everyone to relax. Take it for what it is worth, good television. There is no reason to be upset. Corso, keep making your ridiculous picks and making enemies. I like it. I love watching you on GameDay and I think you do a great job. Just stop crying when a school responds. If you can dish it out you should be able to take it.
---- Big T

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God Official Statement: It Must Suck To Have The Same Name As A Pornstar

Blake Mitchell (Porn Star)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blake Mitchell (born December 29, 1962) is an American porn star and big-bust performer. She began doing adult films in 1993. In early 1995, she began doing boxing and cat-fighting fetish videos with other women while still living in Chicago. Blake enhanced her bust in late 1994, increasing from 34C to her present 36DD. She is currently reported as living in Arizona. It is also reported that she still occasionally appears in hardcore adult-film and sometimes works as an escort. Blake has appeared on TV talkshows The Jerry Springer Show and Maury to talk about her fetish videos. Trivia - Her mother doesn't know that she is a porn star.
Triva for you: Do you think South Carolina starting quarterback Blake Mitchell knows there is a female porn star with his same name?

The "Lincoln Financial Sports" Curse - Clemson vs. N.C. State Prediction

Mike Hogewood - Rick "Doc" Walker - Steve Martin

My Crystal Ball has been 100% correct so far. Clemson is 3-0 heading to the Textile Bowl against N.C. State this weekend and Tommy Bowden is a big reason for this. A lot of Clemson fans aren't worried about this game but instead are already looking ahead towards Sept. 29 @ Georgia Tech. Damnit, if I see one Clemson fan on TigerNet this week talking about our game against Georgia Tech and not NC State I swear I might break something. This is not going to be an easy game and in my opinion having the "Lincoln Financial Sports' curse broadcasting the game, it's going to be all we can do to come out with a "W." Just knowing that we have to play at noon with Mike Hogwood, Doc Walker, and Steve Martin announcing our game this week makes me want to puke! I have nothing against the network in general, and I have nothing against the announcers ...... until Clemson plays a game on one of their broadcasts. I swear these announcers have a curse on Clemson whenever we play an ACC road game. Seriously, if the spread opens up today at 8 points or higher for Clemson, bet the house on N.C. State to cover. The only thing we have going for us this weekend is Tommy Bowden being our head coach (and having punter Jimmy Maners and kicker Mark Buchholz is a plus too).

I know most of you read my website because of the sillyness and gangsta like attitude, but today's post really needed to be written in a serious tone. We have now learned that maybe N.C. State isn't all that bad. They lost by two points to Central Florida in Week 1, we now learn that wasn't a bad loss at all considering Central Florida had Texas all but beat this past week. N.C. State also lost to BC in Week 2 - we now know BC is the real deal after dominating Georgia Tech in Atlanta on Saturday. This is Cullen Harper's first game on the road as a starter, I honestly think it would be best for me not to watch this game on Saturday. Oh yea, did I mention this is a must win game ACC game for State considering they're already 0-2 in the conference?

What Did We Learn Today
1. I enjoy listening to the "Lincoln Financial Sports" ACC crew much better than their SEC crew (Doc Walker's my favorite).
2. With Boston College defeating Georgia Tech and N.C. State already, this is just about a must win for Clemson.
3. Clemson will win 27-23
4. Tommy Bowden Is God

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God Official Statement: "Thankgod Tommy Bowden Allows Quality Walk-Ons"

Columbia - USC linebacker John Guerry was arrested Saturday night in Athens and charged with underage consumption of alcohol and an open container violation. According to an Athens-Clarke County Police report, the 20-year old Guerry was seen hiding a beer bottle while walking down a public street in Athens Saturday at 2:00am. After being spotted, the report says Guerry threw the bottle into the garbage and then acknowledged that he was 20 years old. Guerry was then placed into custody and taken to jail. - John Guerry is a sophomore linebacker from Columbia who played at Dreher High School. The USC media guide says Guerry enrolled in 2005 but did not play football. Last year he worked on the scout team as a squadman and this year he was expected to add depth as a walk-on. It is believed that Guerry was not a part of USC's traveling squad this week. Guerry is the fourth Gamecock to be arrested this year.

Is Mark Schlabach On Crack?

A week ago today after Clemson thrashed Florida State, an article written by ESPN writer Mark Schlabach appeared on titled "High-priced coaches won't matter without talent." The case he's trying to make is this: no matter how good of a coach you are, or coaches you have surrounding you, you won't be great if you don't have talent. I agree with this assessment to an extent, but when you place Florida State in that sentence, it does make one question whether or not you are on crack. What kind of crack do you have to be smoking to claim that FSU doesn't have any talent? That is such an outrageous statement that it makes you question Mark Schlabach's credibility, or his sanity. "But all the high-priced coaches in the world can't save Bowden's dynasty if FSU doesn't get more talented players. If FSU learned anything Monday night it's that it no longer has the best players in the country. Heck, the Seminoles didn't even have the best players on the field against Clemson."Are you kidding me? Did he really say that? Wow, I didnt realize FSU's recruiting classes over the past 4 years have been rated at the bottom of the barrel. Has Clemson closed the talent gap, yes indeed, but if you think Clemson has more talent that FSU, ask Tommy Bowden. He'll tell that he's close, but the FSU's and Miami's and etc. still have the more talented players. My gosh, you have to be either retarded or completely biased to say this. Where did Mark Schlabach go to college at, FSU? Where did his wife go to college at, FSU? Maybe he lost a bigtime bet banking on FSU to cover? Actually, maybe he's not biased, and maybe he's not retarded, maybe Mark Schlabach was smoking crack when he wrote this! I'm going to ask to do the responsible thing and take him off their payroll immediately.

What Did We Learn Today:
1. Crack is something you smoke, not snort - Link
2. Mark Schlabach is probably on crack.
3. Mark Schlabach looks like he's on crack.
4. Tommy Bowden Is God

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God: Coaches And Players Of The FSU Game - Week 1

Coach Of The Game

Head Coach - Tommy Bowden
Now I know a lot of you are thinking the coach of the game award should go to defensive coordinator Vic Koenning. I will agree with you that the defense played outstanding and the playing calling was borderline perfect, but if it wasn't for Tommy Bowden, Vic Koenning wouldn't be at Clemson right now, and if it wasn't for Tommy not only would we have not defeated FSU, but we would never have been offered to play FSU on Labor Day night.
Players Of The Game

P Jimmy Maners - K Mark Bucholz - WR Aaron Kelly - S Deandre McDaniel
I told you guys 3 weeks ago to jump on the Jimmy Maners bandwagon while you still had a chance. His accurate punting and his heads up play to take a safety when the longsnap went over his head played a big part in this win. Kicker Mark Bucholz did an outstanding job on his kickoffs. Great distance and accuracy played a key role in the field position battle for the Tigers. Aaron Kelly stepped up and made some big plays offensively and we are very pleased with his performance. True freshman Deandre McDaniel was all over the place making big plays. This kid can play and all the hype about him from his high school days are true.
Offensive and Defensive Honorable Mentions

Entire Clemson Defensive Line - RB James Davis

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 29, Gameday Rematch Perhaps?

If Clemson destroys N.C. State on the 22nd (which they should), Clemson will be sitting 4-0 heading down to one of the seven wonders of the world ...... Big Daddy Bobby Dodd Stadium. If Georgia Tech doesn't screw up against a very pisspoor Virgnia team on the 22nd, and if they take care of business against Boston College, which that game will be played at Big Daddy Bobby Dodd Stadium, they will be sitting at 4-0 also. And for all of you who have a psychological hang up with Georgia Tech hosting GameDay simply due to the size of their stadium, get over it. If Georgia Tech and Clemson are both 4-0 heading to this game, there's only one reason why GamDay won't be there (Auburn @ Florida). There could be another reason why this game wouldn't be selected as well - this would be a rematch from last year's "GameDay" when Clemson thrashed Georgia Tech 31-7

Auburn will undoubtedly be undefeated heading to this date. Florida will probably be undefeated also as long as they get past Tennessee on the 15th, which for your info - that game will be played in the Swamp. So my question today is this:

If All 4 Teams Are Undefeated Come Sept. 29, Where Should GameDay Be Played At?
Auburn @ Florida
Clemson @ Georgia Tech