Saturday, July 28, 2007

Man Oh Man! Clemson's So Lucky To Have This Guy As Their Head Coach

Tommy Bowden accumulated an 18-4 record in 2 seasons at the University of Tulane. Clemson fans, please stop what you're doing and take 4 minutes out of your day to recognize this great achievement and thank the football gods for allowing Tommy to be our coach today. By the way, Tommy just landed a 4 star recruit for next year's class - Jarrett Crittenton

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Raise Your Glasses! It's Time For A Toast - Here's To Having The 2nd Best Coach In The ACC

It really sucks that Tommy Bowden can't hang out at the Esso Club with us and all the other Clemson alcoholics, but we can still have a toast in his honor! Let me tell ya how big of a relief it is having Tommy Bowden as our head football coach! I thought he was going to leave Clemson out to dry a few years ago when that crazy clown on WCCP 104.9 FM was ............... but thankfully for us, Tommy's still here and is here to stay! I would like to do a breakdown ranking currently the top best to worst coaches in the ACC.

Top 8 Coaches in the ACC
1. Jim Grobe (Wake Forest)
2. Tommy Bowden (Clemson)
3. Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech)
4. Bobby Bowden (FSU)
5. Ralph Friedgen (Maryland)
6. Chan Gailey (GT)
7. Al Groh (Virginia)
8. What's the name of the Duke Coach?

Miami, Boston College, NC State, and UNC were left off of this list due to new coaching changes that will begin this year.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After It's All Said And Done ...... There Will Be One Of These Made For Tommy

FSU Coach Bobby Bowden Statue

Now keep in mind we are about 12 years away, but my prediction already is that by the year 2018, there will be a statue just like this one placed for Tommy Bowden outside of Memorial Stadium. Actually, I would like to encourage the Athletic Department to go ahead and move forward with this idea. All we have to do is find out what company made this statue. Ask them to take off the letters FSU and replace them with CU, and we can go ahead and pre-order one of these bad boys! Let the Athletic Department keep it in storage, and when Tommy Bowden finally announces his retirement, on that day they could go ahead and get the statue in place. Now, let's examine where the placement of this Statue should be located.

Possible Locations for the Tommy Bowden Statue?
1. In front of IPTAY
2. Inside the middle of the new "West EndZone"
3. Take away Howard's Rock, and replace it with the TB Statue

Where Would You Like To See The Tommy Bowden Statue Placed?
In Front Of Iptay
Inside the "West Endzone"
Replace Howard's Rock With The Bowden Statue

This MySpace Profile Below Sucks!

What does Dr. Dre. , Kenny Chesney, Roscoe Crosby, Michael Vick, Tye Hill, and Julius Peppers all have in common? Well, if you're thinking that they all smoke weed on a daily basis, you're probably correct, but thats only speculation. If there's one thing we know for sure they have in common is - They're all friends with "Fire Tommy Bowden's" Mypsace Profile. Oh yea, Brent Musburger is on this list as well. He must have drank one too many beers at the Esso Club this go around for sure. Other notables on this friend list include James Davis, Leroy Hill, Peyton Manning, and Chris Tucker.

With all due respect to this group of hateful and defeatist fans, I think we, Tommy Bowden Supporters, should send a request to MySpace founder "Tom" asking him to remove this page off of the worldwide internet. Obviously this list includes fake celebrities, made up "hot girls" from L.A., and half of the TigerNet population who just hate everybody except for Danny Ford. Let's all ask Tom to do the responsible thing and request that this page be removed immediately. In the meantime for all of you Clemson University graduates and Southern Baptists from the upstate, now would be a good time to head down to your revival tent, pass your poisonous snakes back and forth and ask God to please let Tommy win 11 games this year!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What My Wikipedia Entry For Tommy Bowden Would Be

Picture from Bobby Dodd Stadium - 2003
Tommy Bowden defeated Georgia Tech 39-3
Tommy Bowden (born on July 10, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama) is the head football coach at Clemson and is the 2nd best coach in the ACC (Top 10 Best in the Country). He is the son of FSU God Bobby Bowden who Tommy has defeated 3 out of the last 4 years. Lord Tommy has never had a losing season at Clemson and as long as he is there, he never will have one. (Clemson fans should realize this and should feel extremely blessed). Tommy is also two-time TWO-TIME ACC Coach of the Year. In the 2003 season, he became the first coach in NCAA history to defeat two coaches with 200 or more wins in a one-month span. During his first year, his Clemson team broke 46 school records. (Clemson fans please stand at attention and salute your Bowden)

Bowden has overcome tremendous odds winning and recruiting over the years at Lake Hartwell. Clemson fans don't realize this, but ever since 2001, Bowden has secured more and more big time athletes to come play at Clemson. And no, they didn't come to Clemson because they were impressed with the JoDon Reames house party they went to on their recruiting visit that was located 2 blocks behind the AGR house. The athletes and their "momma's" were impressed with Bowden because of his class, integrity, and graduation rate . The longer Bowden stays, the more "special" athletes he gets which = the more wins he will accumluate. Unfortunately, Clemson fans think the Great Wall of China was built in a day, so they tend to believe that Clemson should win a National Championship overnight. Tommy is married to the former Linda White and has two children, Ryan and Lauren (Lauren is so hot).

Watch out for Thursday's Blog -

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tommy Bowden Deserves Respect

Today's blog is an introduction to one of the best coaches in the ACC. Unlike Chuck Amato, Al Groh, Bobby Bowden, and Ralph Friedgen - Tommy has kept his team from dipping into the losing column over the last 7 years at Clemson. Tommy Bowden technically is not God, but he is a damn good football coach who has ran a super clean program, posted good records, and has graduated players at an extremely high rate. Tommy, not all, but some of the drunks over at the _____ Club and ______ ______ Tavern will yell, scream, and call you names. They'll say that you'll never be your daddy and that winning 8 games just isn't good enough. Their whole purpose is to try to intimidate you into stopping your gameplan. Realize this (and realize they're drunk) and keep moving forward. We are not part of the lunatic dialogue on Tigernet2 saying Tommy Bowden should be fired today (but they know he has a hot daughter they don't want to see leave). We are quite actually the opposite. We think if he wins 7 games or more this year then without a doubt, the sensible thing to do would be to give him another 2 years. We will begin July 16 posting blogs and common sense reasoning why Tommy Bowden is a good coach.

And just in case you are wondering ......... we do want to see Willy Korn be the starting quarterback against the Florida State Seminoles.