Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God: Coaches And Players Of The FSU Game - Week 1

Coach Of The Game

Head Coach - Tommy Bowden
Now I know a lot of you are thinking the coach of the game award should go to defensive coordinator Vic Koenning. I will agree with you that the defense played outstanding and the playing calling was borderline perfect, but if it wasn't for Tommy Bowden, Vic Koenning wouldn't be at Clemson right now, and if it wasn't for Tommy not only would we have not defeated FSU, but we would never have been offered to play FSU on Labor Day night.
Players Of The Game

P Jimmy Maners - K Mark Bucholz - WR Aaron Kelly - S Deandre McDaniel
I told you guys 3 weeks ago to jump on the Jimmy Maners bandwagon while you still had a chance. His accurate punting and his heads up play to take a safety when the longsnap went over his head played a big part in this win. Kicker Mark Bucholz did an outstanding job on his kickoffs. Great distance and accuracy played a key role in the field position battle for the Tigers. Aaron Kelly stepped up and made some big plays offensively and we are very pleased with his performance. True freshman Deandre McDaniel was all over the place making big plays. This kid can play and all the hype about him from his high school days are true.
Offensive and Defensive Honorable Mentions

Entire Clemson Defensive Line - RB James Davis


Joshua Richards said...

Maners looks like he has the crazy eyes!

Anonymous said...

of course you would pick jimmy maners over james davis ... dumbass

tigernet said...

Rob Spence and Vic Koenning won this game, not tommy bowden.

JasonL said...

Coach of the week: Tommy Bowden
Offensive player of the week: Tommy Bowden
Defensive player of the week: Tommy Bowden

Tommy is the single greatest phenom this planet has ever known.

tommybowdenisgod said...

JasonL, we agree with you.

steve spermier said...

Hey! Is Tammy's lip quivering when he's petting the stone in that picture?

That's what he did last year when I brought my boys to town. Next time we come to Tatertown, I'll have that long hair playing for me. Maybe by then they'll get that flag taken down. Then I might be able to recruit some colored boys.

Chastity said...

Well written article.