Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 29, Gameday Rematch Perhaps?

If Clemson destroys N.C. State on the 22nd (which they should), Clemson will be sitting 4-0 heading down to one of the seven wonders of the world ...... Big Daddy Bobby Dodd Stadium. If Georgia Tech doesn't screw up against a very pisspoor Virgnia team on the 22nd, and if they take care of business against Boston College, which that game will be played at Big Daddy Bobby Dodd Stadium, they will be sitting at 4-0 also. And for all of you who have a psychological hang up with Georgia Tech hosting GameDay simply due to the size of their stadium, get over it. If Georgia Tech and Clemson are both 4-0 heading to this game, there's only one reason why GamDay won't be there (Auburn @ Florida). There could be another reason why this game wouldn't be selected as well - this would be a rematch from last year's "GameDay" when Clemson thrashed Georgia Tech 31-7

Auburn will undoubtedly be undefeated heading to this date. Florida will probably be undefeated also as long as they get past Tennessee on the 15th, which for your info - that game will be played in the Swamp. So my question today is this:

If All 4 Teams Are Undefeated Come Sept. 29, Where Should GameDay Be Played At?
Auburn @ Florida
Clemson @ Georgia Tech


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any question about it they are all undefeated. SEC Baby

Mr. Parker said...

Congrats on the win. Floridia and Auburn if both are undefeated. I don't knwo what Auburns scedule is but they did not look good at all Saturday versus Kansas State.

Willy Mac said...

You're on fucking hallucinogenic drugs if you think that Clemson/GT should air before Auburn/Florida. They'll probably get picked up by another network though.

JasonL said...

should be clemson/gt, but will be auburn/fla

Anonymous said...

face it the ACC is second rate. Only games that get national attention, Clemson/FSU, FSU and Miami, and maybe VT/Miami back in the day

Anonymous said...

I thought CBS had the TV contract with the SEC. They'll be at that game regardless. Gameday won't be there under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Parker said...

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Steve Spermier said...

Hey anonymous!!! I coach at a school that hasn't done a thing!!! Nothing!!! And we have the dumbest, hick fan base; people like you who post that stupid "jingle" go around the internet and don't have the sack to put their name to it! Good thing I'm here!!!

Brad said...
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Brad said...

So much for Auburn being undefeated come the Florida game. OUCH SEC, does it hurt that you're no longer the dominate conference anymore?? That title now belongs to the PAC-10. Losing to SF at home, disgrace Auburn. SEC is WEAK!!!

tommybowdenisgod said...

wow, I guess I was wrong about Auburn, glad I was though. Let's look at any other potential games that may deserve it.

michigan state. vs wisconsin
california vs. oregon

They don't use teams from the west though I don't think.

Anonymous said...

You were soooo wrong about auburn being 4-0 and tech being 4-0. You suck.

steve spermier said...

Willy Mac,

You must be on hallucinogenic drugs. I can't telling you how many times I've crapped a Tuberville. Those ears are rough on my anus, but he and Auburn suck!

Get off the drugs and stay awy from my boys. The sideline is getting full.