Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Going To Miss You Tommy!

Breaking News: Clemson Fires Tommy Bowden - Link

12:30pm - Our thoughts and last blog will arrive shortly this afternoon. For the meantime, please keep the Bowden family in your prayers. For now, I will leave you with the very first entry to this blog and my personal favorite.

1:15pm - Question for Clemson Tiger Fans. Should Clemson go after Terry Bowden?


What My Wikipedia Entry Would Be For Tommy Bowden

Picture from Bobby Dodd Stadium - 2003
Tommy Bowden defeated Georgia Tech 39-3
Tommy Bowden (born on July 10, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama) is the head football coach at Clemson and is the 2nd best coach in the ACC (Top 10 Best in the Country). He is the son of FSU God Bobby Bowden who Tommy has defeated 3 out of the last 4 years. Lord Tommy has never had a losing season at Clemson and as long as he is there, he never will have one. (Clemson fans should realize this and should feel extremely blessed). Tommy is also two-time TWO-TIME ACC Coach of the Year. In the 2003 season, he became the first coach in NCAA history to defeat two coaches with 200 or more wins in a one-month span. During his first year, his Clemson team broke 46 school records. (Clemson fans please stand at attention and salute your Bowden)

Bowden has overcome tremendous odds winning and recruiting over the years at Lake Hartwell. Clemson fans don't realize this, but ever since 2001, Bowden has secured more and more big time athletes to come play at Clemson. And no, they didn't come to Clemson because they were impressed with the JoDon Reames house party they went to on their recruiting visit that was located 2 blocks behind the AGR house. The athletes and their "momma's" were impressed with Bowden because of his class, integrity, and graduation rate . The longer Bowden stays, the more "special" athletes he gets which = the more wins he will accumluate. Unfortunately, Clemson fans think the Great Wall of China was built in a day, so they tend to believe that Clemson should win a National Championship overnight. Tommy is married to the former Linda White and has two children, Ryan and Lauren (Lauren is so hot).

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