Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tommy Bowden Is God Crystal Ball

Season Prediction
Before going any further, I want all of my readers to read today's post as objectively as possible. A lot of research, thoughts, and gutfeelings have went into today's blog and I want everyone to value and respect my opinion and research on all 12 games below. Here we go:
Sep. 3 - Florida State - W - Yall already know how I feel about this game. Willy Korn gets to make his deput and Rob Spence's offensive playbook will undoubtedly f*** up that FSU defense.
Sep. 8 - Louisiana-Monroe - W - Tommy Bowden and Rob Spence probably won't even show up to this game.
Sep. 15 - Furman - W
Sep. 22 - @ NC State - W - There's a really strong chance that this game will be over with after the first quarter. Our gut is telling us one word, "blowout."
Sep. 29 - @ GT - W - Clemson struggles early in this game but Bowden gives a halftime speech from hell that will make anybody cry and Clemson comes back in the 2nd half to win by a couple of TD's.
Oct. 6 - Virginia Tech - W - This game actually turns out into a blowout as well. VT doesn't perform any lucky "punt blocks" and Tommy Bowden and Rob Spence end up executing their marvelous gameplan to perfection.
Oct. 20 - Central Michigan - W - Tommy Bowden Is God
Oct. 27 - @ Maryland - W - Clemson struggles early on, and Bowden actually coaches a bad game, but the Tigers still pull it out 35-10.
Nov. 3 - @ Duke - W - I agree with Danny Ford Is God on this one, Duke won't go 0-fer this year, but they won't win this one.
Nov. 10 - Wake Forest - W - Wake Forest competes and is able to stay close to Clemson for the 1st half only. Bowden and Spence end up unloading in the 2nd half and Tribble Reese actually see's playing time.
Nov. 17 - Boston College - W - BC quarterback Matt Ryan gets knocked out in the 2nd play of the game and BC never recovers after that. 33-21 Clemson.
Nov. 24 - @ South Carolina - W - Tommy Bowden Is God

Once we make it to the ACC championship and find out who we are playing after Nov. 24, then we will make a prediction on that game and where we think we will eventually be bowling at.


Anonymous said...

nut job

tommybowdenisgod said...

Data, Facts, Game Odds, Gutfeelings .... a lot of time and research went into this piece. I think you will find this prediction to be really accurate. thanks for the input though.

Anonymous said...

We'll probably slip up against BC and may lose to VT, but that will be it. We'll lose 2

steve spermier said...

Data, Facts, Game Odd, Gutfeelings...

you forgot b*llsh*t.

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

TBIG = Gigantic tool

tommybowdenisgod said...

hey gamecock fans, glad you could join us here at TBIG.

steve spermier said...

You got it, TBIG. Consider me Lucifer, but this time, I win.

JasonL said...

perhaps the best season prediction i've seen.
Clearly you've done your research.

tommy bowdenis god said...

Jason, Thank you so much for the support. We really feel good about our predictions and are sticking by them no matter what.

Brad said...

I love it. 12-0 ACC Champs playing USC. As in the real USC...Southern Cal in the NC. Don't pay attention to these idiots on here. Once we beat FSU this freight train ain't stopping!!!!

steve spermier said...

The freight train stops when you hit the Cockaboose!!! I've got a big cup of doo doo ice waiting for your azz, TBIG!!!