Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Tommy Bowden And Rob Spence's New Strategy Should Be: "F--- It"

Clemson Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence - Head Coach Tommy Bowden

The way these ludicrous Tigernet2 clowns and Esso Club drinkers have treated him over the years, he should tell everyone of them to go tie a cement block to their foot and jump in a lake. You know, I know it, everybody knows it. If Bowden was President (which basically he is to Clemson fans), the dissatisfaction with his job performance and approval ratings currently hanging around the mid 30's are going to be tough to overcome. He can do it, and probably will do it, but either way he and Rob Spence just need to say "F--- It." This is not a plan that should be used on the football field though, this is a plan that should be used off the field.

The Off The Field "F--- It" Plan - Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Step 1: The installation of a new "trap-door" system in the Clemson Football press room, where the simple push of a button can remove any offending journalists as Tommy sees fit.
Step 2: Will threaten to use legal action against Tigernet2 and every member of the tigernet nation who has ever said anything remotely threatening or dumb on there.
Step 3: After defeating Florida State, Rob Spence and Tommy Bowden will go down to the Esso Club and challenge every drunk to an arm wrestling match.
Step 4: On September 8th when Clemson plays Louisiana-Monroe in Death Valley ...... Spence and Bowden will not show up for that game. They will head down to Tiger Town Tavern and watch the South Carolina Gamecocks lose to Georgia.


You know who I am said...

The people on Tigernet that post comments all day make me believe we should have stricter penalties for those that just can't resist procreating with a relative.

Anonymous said...

rob spence will kick your ass too

Anonymous said...

Time to fill up the tank...running on fumes,

Anonymous said...

You remind me of an episode of Scrubs. No I take that back you are a scrub! You and Bowden. oh, and Spence

Anonymous said...

The "scrub" guy is the cut-down master. Wouldn't want to tangle with him in a war of words.

Willy Mac said...

I f'ing LOL'd... mother f'er

Mr. Parker said...

I think Tommy Bowden will be a great coach if he can get out of Clemson and away from their fickle fanbase.

Mr. Parker said...

Also, Rob Spence is garbage.

Rob Spence said...

I know you are but what am I?

FabforPrez said...

how about f___ you.

FAB for life.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who questions how tough Coach Spence is should hear a story from when he was the Head Football Coach at Iona Prep in New Rochelle, N.Y. One afternoon he was working out in the school's weightroom benching some ridiculous amount, when there was a loud pop in the room. The weight fell as it was clear he seriously injured muscle/ligaments in his shoulder or chest. After driving himself to the local emergency room, turns out he tore his pec from his sternum and had to have it surgically reattached. Guys - let's face it Coach Spence can kick your sissy a$$es.

Anonymous said...

maybe he could crush us, but can he coach his way past a mediocre SEC team? no. can he coach his way to an ACC championship? no. could he coach his way to a decisive victory week in and week out, no. i'd much rather see tommy calling plays than rob spence, and thats terrible

Anonymous said...

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