Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Hateful And Defeatist MySpace Profile

As I browse through this blowhards friend list, I find Roy Williams, Jenna Jamison, Metallica, Stephen Colbert, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Bowden and surprisingly enough ..... J-Lo's ass. Aside from the friend list (because we know the "friends" aren't real), let's dig in and find out what the real beef is that this drunk has with Bowden.

As I start off reading the lines "Bowden Should Resign," I find myself starting to fall asleep but I quickly catch myself and continue to read on. Then just a few lines below that I read the question: "When is Bowden going to realize he's not a football coach?" As I keep reading along barely keeping my eyes open, this guy asks the question "When will Tommy realize he's never going to be a real football coach." Dude, the guy went 18-4 in two seasons at Tulane and has a winning record every year that he's been at Clemson. I realize you're probably just another Esso Club drunk who knows it all but let me remind you one thing .... just because you went undefeated in NCAA08 on PS2, that doesn't mean you can coach better than Bowden.

And if you want my input on the President Barker situation, I have absolutely no problem in our advisory board not allowing Dwight Jones sign a letter of intent. Obviously there were some things that proved to Barker and the Board that this guy wouldn't have a chance to make it academically at Clemson. But thats fine, whoever this guy is running this myspace profile won't ever understand that. By the way, since UNC didn't let him in either, and forced him to go to prep school, lets A. look to see if he ever makes it in to UNC or B. Check him out 3 years from now and see if he's still there. Letters of intent are not admissions guarantees. I don't know why that is so hard for some people to understand. Now stand at attention and please salute your Bowden and Barker.

By the way, here are some other notable schools who are ranked in the Top 25 Academically: Texas, Ohio State, UNC, California, Georgia, Florida .... just to name a few


JasonL said...

Bowden is the best coach we can get. No one would want to be Clemson's coach with "fans" like we have. They are not happy unless Clemson goes undefeated and wins a Superbowl championship.
I think that the team should be named the Clemson Bowdens. Go Bowdens! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Good one jasonl, you're a funny guy, I think. Let's call the team the Clemson Tiga48s!!! Take the woo hoo and shove it up steve s's a hoo!

Anonymous said...

Tiga, this is your mother darling. Your father and I are really ready for you to move out of the basement, sweetheart. If you'll get a place of your own, you can take the computer with you. Love, Mom.

FABulousss said...

wow. i feel so validated now to make it on your crappy little website. TB is God? Please. Those Tulane players werent even his. ANd you ignored most of my points. And yes J-Lo's ass even agrees.

Anonymous said...

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