Thursday, July 26, 2007

Raise Your Glasses! It's Time For A Toast - Here's To Having The 2nd Best Coach In The ACC

It really sucks that Tommy Bowden can't hang out at the Esso Club with us and all the other Clemson alcoholics, but we can still have a toast in his honor! Let me tell ya how big of a relief it is having Tommy Bowden as our head football coach! I thought he was going to leave Clemson out to dry a few years ago when that crazy clown on WCCP 104.9 FM was ............... but thankfully for us, Tommy's still here and is here to stay! I would like to do a breakdown ranking currently the top best to worst coaches in the ACC.

Top 8 Coaches in the ACC
1. Jim Grobe (Wake Forest)
2. Tommy Bowden (Clemson)
3. Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech)
4. Bobby Bowden (FSU)
5. Ralph Friedgen (Maryland)
6. Chan Gailey (GT)
7. Al Groh (Virginia)
8. What's the name of the Duke Coach?

Miami, Boston College, NC State, and UNC were left off of this list due to new coaching changes that will begin this year.


JasonL said...

Hear hear!
It's a great honor to be second to the great Jim Grobe.

Anonymous said...

Hey _____________, you're a DA.

Your friends at t-net.

tommybowdenisgod said...

I have faith in you that in the near future you will be able to comment in an intelligent and articulate manner to my blog. I look forward to a mature debate in the future!

FAB said...

Who made this list? The top 5 worst coaches in the country list (couontry not just the ACC) had Mr. Bowden at #3. How can you be the #3 worst coach out of 119 coaches and be the second best in the ACC at the same time? For shame.