Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After It's All Said And Done ...... There Will Be One Of These Made For Tommy

FSU Coach Bobby Bowden Statue

Now keep in mind we are about 12 years away, but my prediction already is that by the year 2018, there will be a statue just like this one placed for Tommy Bowden outside of Memorial Stadium. Actually, I would like to encourage the Athletic Department to go ahead and move forward with this idea. All we have to do is find out what company made this statue. Ask them to take off the letters FSU and replace them with CU, and we can go ahead and pre-order one of these bad boys! Let the Athletic Department keep it in storage, and when Tommy Bowden finally announces his retirement, on that day they could go ahead and get the statue in place. Now, let's examine where the placement of this Statue should be located.

Possible Locations for the Tommy Bowden Statue?
1. In front of IPTAY
2. Inside the middle of the new "West EndZone"
3. Take away Howard's Rock, and replace it with the TB Statue

Where Would You Like To See The Tommy Bowden Statue Placed?
In Front Of Iptay
Inside the "West Endzone"
Replace Howard's Rock With The Bowden Statue


matt said...

Is Tommy Bowden the best coach in the ACC or in the country? No. Is he a pretty good coach? Yes. A good rule of thumb for fans who want to fire coaches. Never fire a good coach unless you have a great one lined up. See Arizona (Tomey), ECU (Logan), Ole Miss (Cutcliffe), etc.

JasonL said...

I have weighed the issues and I feel that I'm being swayed to believe that indeed, Tommy Bowden is the single greatest coach of all time. In fact, he's probably the greatest coach of any sport.
He's building a dynasty in Clemson. I just wish he would hire his brother Jeff. Then the championships would start rolling in.

JCallaway said...

Amen to that. It is so nice having a coach with a direct connection to the Almighty. God's influence on our sidelines is shown over and over again. It is comforting to know that God is on our side, wearing orange!

Anonymous said...

matt, you are missing the blogger's poor veiling of satire. It's called idiocy, and apparently this is what they are teaching at Clemson these days.

Any moron can have their own blog and not be funny. Probably one or morans of tigernet.

FABuloso said...

I think it should be places in the Men's Room at the Waffle House in Compton.

FABagin said...